April 29-April 30, 2016
Humboldt Fairgrounds Building
311 6th Avenue N.
Humboldt, IA 50548

FRIDAY, APRIL 29 Lots 651-1000 listed below.

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Saturday, April 30 Lots 1-650 listed on separate page.

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Lot Number Description
651 WARDS #84-3548 plow plane in original pasteboard box with 2-row cutter box, cam, long & short rods, a fine plane in good box.
652 Type 15 with glued tote, BB-logo blade, very good overall.
653 Stanley #3 smooth plane with SW blade, orange frog, nice rosewood tote & knob, very good.
654 Stanley #4C smooth plane, has BB-logo blade, nice tote and knob, very good overall.
655 7/8-inch match plane has nickel plated cast cap screws, both blades, complete and very good.
656 Has fine SW-logo blade, very good nickel plating, very good overall.
657 Nice V-log blade, good tote and tall knob, japanning enhanced?
658 MADE IN USA, good blades, intact fence, nice nickel, very good overall.
659 Good SW-logo blade, good rosewood tote & tall knob, very good overall.
660 A late model #71 with throat closing attachment, fine handles with black finish, intact fence on bottom, 1/4-inch blade, fine.
661 An unusual Stanley 3/8-inch match plane with proper blades, good nickel, very good overall.
662 Stanley #90 bullnose rabbet plane, 95 percent plus nickel plating, good BB-logo blade, fine overall.
663 The #5 has an early rosewood tote, T-logo blade, very good. The 5 1/2C has the patent number below the BB-logo on blade and an unusual Clifton chipbreaker, it is complete and fine.
664 Nice tote and knob, BB-logo blade, fine overall.
665 Nice V-logo blade, nice rosewood tote & low knob, nicely repainted, very good overall.
666 Nice Q-logo blade, early-style tote and rosewood knob, very good overall.
667 A Stanley #95 edge trimming block plane with BB-logo blade, very good overall.
668 An unusual #90J with a MADE IN ENG blade, some japanning loss, and there glue from old price tag on side, very good.
669 Stanley #92 with SW logo on toe, faint V? logo on blade, very good overall.
670 Two hammers: Cheney No. 777 adz hammer with nice replacement handle, very good overall; and a 15-ounce Stanley #91 1/2 claw hammer, very good.
671 Two Stanley hammers including a riveting hammer with original handle, and an H121 1/2 claw hammer, has partial sticker on handle, very good.
672 Four Stanley tack hammers including a JOBMASTER and an H304, all very good.
673 Two Stanley claw hammers: 100 PLUS complete and fine; and a CHRO-MOLY also very good.
674 Two ball peen hammers including a Stanley 32-oz. No. 314B, very good; the other has an unmarked head but handle is marked Stanley #HO310 16-oz., very good.
675 Two Stanley claw hammers including a large wrecking hammer with shortened handle; the other has owner's tag that says "Extra Heavy Flooring Hammer 1929 to 1932," marked Stanley on side of head, replacement handle.
676 Fine Handyman tool cabinet with most of not all of the original Handyman tools, very good overall.
677 Keen Kutter double bitted axe that has been restored and painted black and white, the KK-logo is OK but there is some loss to rust.
678 Goodell-Pratt 26-inch brass bound mahogany plumb & level,
679 HSB & CO. O.V.B. single bit axe, with nice TRUE TEST replacement handle, very good overall.
680 Stanley #95 brass-bound 30-inch mahogany plumb & level, level vial is dry, plumb is intact, good overall.
681 Nicely embossed LINCOLN axe made by the KRETSCHMER-TREDWAY CO. DUBUQUE IOWA, has been painted black, but is very good overall.
682 Keen Kutter KK30 30-inch double plumb and level, all three vials intact, made by Disston, very good overall
683 Keen Kutter No. 5 axe, the head has been painted black, very good overall.
684 Keen Kutter (Disston) 30-inch KK50 brass-bound plumb & level, patented 12-20-04, complete and very good.
685 Fine and scarce Stanley double bit axe with a fine original Stanley handle marked 59-235 3 1/2 lbs. small hang hole in end of handle, fine overall.
686 Stanley #50 30-inch brass-bound mahogany plumb & level, complete and very good.
687 PLUMB VICTORY double bit axe, head has been repainted black, very good overall with short handle.
688 Stanley #95 brass-bound solid rosewood plumb and level with intact vials, hang hole in end of stock, fine overall.
689 Scarce Stanley #24 Type I try square and bevel with rosewood handle, patent date stamped into handle, very good overall.
690 Pair of Stanley 28-inch levels: #30 double plumb & level with brass vial covers on side of mahogany stock, very good overall; and a #3 with V-logo on top plate, complete and very good.
691 Stanley #30 angle divider with original straight edge, very good overall.
692 Stanley #5 26-inch plumb & level with laminated stock, decorative brass side views, very good.
693 Early #20 Victor compass plane with very good Q-logo blade, original locking screw, very good overall.
694 Stanley #233 28-inch 100-PLUS plumb and level, complete and fine.
695 Stanley #113 compass plane that has had the top of the flexible sole brushed, and the body of the plane repainted black, good Q-logo blade, will make a good user.
696 Two Stanley wood levels: 30-inch #3 with intact vials, model number stamped into stock, brass top and end planes, very good overall; and a 28-inch #30 with all three vials intact, big brass vial covers on side, very good overall.
697 Sargent No. 81 side rabbet plane, complete and very good.
698 Millers Falls 28-inch brass-bound mahogany plumb & level, both vials intact, very good overall.
699 Stanley #13 prelateral compass plane, has patent dates in recessed adjuster nut, good Rule & Level-logo blade, stippled lever cap, slotted screws hold sole to body, very good overall.
700 Sargent 1085 combination plow plane (similar to Stanley #55) this one comes with tower, depth and beading stops, long and short rods, and canvas roll of bits, appears to be complete in a hinged wooden box. Only the leather carrying handle on the box is broken, a fine plane in a very good box.
701 Two Winchester iron bench planes: a #3015, 18-inch with proper blade, needs tote and knob, no logo visible on blade; and a #3026 15-inch with corrugated bottom with Stanley T-logo blade very good overall.
702 Sargent VBM #415C jack plane, this one is complete and very good blade, nice tote and beaded knob, very good overall.
703 Winchester 15-inch transitional jack plane with a MADE IN USA blade, good mark on toe, very good overall.
704 Sargent #3415 transitional jack plane, complete and very good.
705 Winchester #3025C iron jack plane with proper Winchester blade, beaded knob, nice tote, very good overall.
706 Has scuffed but intact tote & knob, very good blade, very good overall.
707 Scarce Winchester iron plane made by Stanley, has proper iron, tote spur MIA, good tall knob, very good overall.
708 #410C VBM wide body smooth plane with nice rosewood tote and knob, fine overall.
709 Winchester wide body smooth plane complete with proper blade, nice knob, tote spur MIA, very good overall.
710 Three Sargent iron bench planes: #414 jack, complete and very good; #409 smoother, complete and very good; and a VBM #409 that has a small corner chip from lever cap, very good overall.
711 Stanley #4 1/2 wide body smooth plane that has a raised pad behind the knob, has some rust, fine wood, will clean to very good.
712 Zenith #407 (Sargent) 7-inch iron smooth plane, nice Zenith blade, has M.W.H. Co. logo etched in left side of plane, compete and very good.
713 A complete #3005 iron smoother, with proper blade, fine tote and knob, very good overall.
714 Sargent #3909 transitional smooth plane, circular logo on blade, complete and very good.
715 #3205C iron smooth plane, has proper blade, tote broken at base and needing glue, good beaded knob, very good overall.
716 Sargent #62 open throated router plane with 1/2-inch blade, nice knobs, very good overall.
717 #3-size Winchester with proper blade, good front knob, tote broken in two places, very good overall.
718 Sargent #79 duplex plane (similar to Stanley #78) complete and fine.
719 Keen Kutter 28-inch KK3 plumb & level, complete and very good.
720 Stanley #903? oak wall-mounting tool cabinet, has a small piece at top broken on inside where hammer would be held, hammer is missing as is the zig zag rule, has partial decal on outside of box, very good overall.
721 Fine Stanley #3 28-inch plumb & level with a cherry stock, BB-logo in top plate, intact vials.
722 Stanley #12 iron cabinet scraper, later unmarked blade, patent date in brass adjuster nut, very good overall.
723 C.S. Co. Chapin-Stephens 28-inch plumb & level, both vials intact, brass side views, stock has several stains, good overall.
724 Three Stanley mini block planes: 12-102 with pressed steel body, fine; H101P with pressed steel body, very good; and a No. 101 with cast iron body, red lever cap, very good overall.
725 Stratton Brothers 26-inch No. 1 mahogany or rosewood (it is heavy) level nice brass side views, has MCH 1, 1870 patent date and eagle logo in top plate, both vials intact.
726 Stanley #79 side rabbet plane MADE IN ENG, complete and very good.
728 Nice Millers Falls 2-speed No. 1 breast drill with built-in level, intact auxillary handle, very good overall.
729 L.S.S. CO. 24-inch cast iron double plumb & level, all three vials intact, has shaft groove in bottom, very good overall.
730 Millers Falls No. 2-A hand drill, complete with auxiliary handle, very good.
731 Two Stanley 24-inch aluminum levels: 233 24-inch complete and fine; and a Stanley #524B Patent #3311990, complete and very good.
732 Unmarked Goodell-Pratt brace with integral hollow auger, very nice.
733 Adjustable hollow auger with intact depth stop, very good. (one on left rear of group in photo)
734 Pair of ratchet braces including a Millers Falls No. 722 10-inch with LION chuck, very good; and another Millers Falls with red handles, no model number, complete and very good.
735 On the left is medium sized Stearns dowel pointer that is complete and very good; and on right is a small brass model that we are not familiar with. (two on front left in group photo)
736 Pair of hand drills including a Stanley 100 PLUS No. 1611 that has fluted bit set inside handle and is very good; and a Millers Falls No. 1425 with gray gear wheel and black handle, intact auxiliary handle, two fluted bits inside handle, very good.
737 Unmarked jewelers drill that we believe was made by Millers Falls, with tiny rosewood knob, very good.
738 Pair of braces: unknown make with wing nut to secure bit, unusual wooden handles, good overall; and an all iron model that has two patent dates and is marked SHEPARDSON MFG CO., very good.
739 Four hand drills including a like new Stanley 624A, complete and fine; a Stanley #617 with decal on gear wheel; dirty Millers Falls #980 2-speed that we cannot get to change speeds, needs cleaning and an auxiliary handle; and an early Millers Falls No. 30 that has welded repairs to gear wheel, nice wood, crank and chuck.
740 Pair of ratchet braces including a Stanley 919 6-in. that is complete and very good; and a Milers Falls HOLDALL No. 732 10-inch, very good.
741 Adjustable hollow auger complete with depth stop, marked on bottom with APR 5, 1878 Patent
742 Stearns medium sized bitstock dowel pointer, complete and very good.
743 Pair of adjustable hollow augers including an E.C. Stearns model that is missing the depth stop, will clean to usable condition; and a Bonny Patent with intact depth stop, very good overall.
744 Four Stanley steel try squares: 4-inch with nice nickel & SW-logo on blade; 6-inch with good nickel; try and miter square with 8-inch blade, very good overall; and a 10-inch that has a hang hole in handle and numbers are badly worn.
745 Three Stanley sliding bevels: No. 25 with 8-inch blade, very good; 6-inch with rosewood handle and patent date on blade; and a #25TB with 8-inch blade; all are very good and usable.
746 Four Stanley layout tools: #12 with 12-inch blade, very good; 10-inch #12 nickel plated, very good; and 10-inch No. 12; plus a No. 18 sliding bevel with 8-inch blade, fine.
747 Fine pair of Stanley No. 21 adjustable squares both have fine nickel and SW logo on blades.
748 SYBREN 36-inch 100mm 4-fold rule, MADE IN HOLLAND, complete and fine.
749 Two Stanley layout tools incl. #22 adj. square with plumb & level, very good; plus a #15 nickel plated try and miter square with 7 1/2-inch blade, V-logo, very good overall.
750 Set of five ENGG TOOLS English-style rosewood-handled cabinet screwdrivers, (one is pictured separately as it was found late in the packing process, all are fine.
751 Four Stanley rosewood handled squares: #20 with 9-inch lightly pitted blade, good usable condition; #20 with blued 8-inch blade, fine overall; and two #2 try and miter squares with 7-inch blades, both very good.
752 GARLICK & SON Lynx Brand 12-in. brass-backed saw, complete and like new.
753 Pair of Stanley #20 rosewood handled try squares both with 8-inch blades, one has light rust on back of blade, will clean to very good; the other has been sanded; both can be restored to usable condition.
754 JACKSON 10-inch steel-backed saw, complete and very good.
755 Layout tools incl. Stanley No. 4 trammel set; #12 try square with 8-inch blade, very good; and a stainless steel Japanese protractor, very good.
756 Atkins No. 100 flooring saw, with light cleaning will be very good.
757 Disston Great American Special 26-in saw 8ppi crosscut saw, some light rust, nice etch, top handle spur MIA, will clean to very good.
758 Three Stanley 4-fold boxwood rules: #72 1/2 with SW logo, indexing pins MIA; UPSON NUT No. 84, inside a lot better than outside which is stained and worn; and a Stanley #54 brass bound that is stained inside and out.
759 Unusual keyhole saw with cast aluminum handle marked Douglas Co. CHARLOT, N.C. very good.
760 Lot: two 4-fold & one zig zag rules: Lufkin No. 066D ENGINEERS zig zag in fine overall condition; plus two Stanley #163 4-fold boxwood rules, one is fine, one is good with some staining.
761 Disston 26-inch 10ppi Keystone K-4 Airmaster saw, with near perfect etch of airplane, and fine handle, fine overall.
762 Stanley SW No. 42 ships bevel, complete and very good.
763 Disston D-7 8ppi crosscut saw, with fine handle and fine etch, fine overall.
764 Nice marked Stanley #69 1-foot, 4-fold boxwood rule, two inside indexing pins missing, fine overall.
765 Pair of 24-inch inside/outside calipers marked GNRR (Great Northern Rail Road), complete and very good.
766 Stanley #53 1/2 architects 4-fold rule, very good overall.
767 Stanley #56 low angle block plane in maroon paint, complete and very good.
768 Three Sargent iron block planes: two #306 low angle planes with knuckle jointed lever caps and a #107, all very good.
769 John Deere (Stanley) 9 1/4 iron block plane made from a Stanley #9 1/4 body, very good overall.
770 Stanley #68 rabbeting spokeshave, SW logo on good blade, very good overall.
771 Three Millers Falls block planes: #56 low angle block plane, complete and very good; #206 pressed steel, complete and very good; and a #97 with light pitting on left side, very good overall.
772 Fine Stanley #60 double spokeshave with flat and round bottoms, BB-logo blades.
773 Three late model Stanley block planes: #220 U.S.A., complete and fine; and two Made in England 7-inch models with screw adjusters and lateral adjuster, both fine.
774 Stearns cast iron spokeshave, very good, has STEARNS name cast into cap screw, very good overall.
775 Stanley #203 iron block plane with BB-logo blade, knob chipped at base, very good overall.
776 Stearns spokeshave with flexible bottom, brass frame around blade with Stearns name and MAR 27, 1900 patent date, very good overall.
777 Stanley #140 skew bladed block plane with Rule & Level Co. blade, good knob, will clean to very good overall.
778 Three wooden spokeshaves, one by J. GLEAVES & SON, all usable.
779 Stanley #9 1/4 iron block plane, good BB-logo blade, complete and very good.
780 Three iron spokeshaves incl. Stanley 151M & #52, both very good; and a third, unmarked, model that is missing the lever cap.
781 Three block planes incl. two Stanley #118 and a #110, all complete and very good.
782 Pair 6-in W. JOHNSON dividers w/removable points, very good overall.
783 Pair of iron spokeshaves incl. Stanley #53 that has a SW-logo blade and is very good; and a SEYMOUR SMITH double shave, all japanning has been stripped, good overall.
784 Two Stanley 4-fold rules incl. #60 & #62; the #60 has a crack near one end, double arched joints, good overall; the #62 is brass bound and very good overall.
785 Stanley #63X round bottom spokeshave, with SW-logo blade, very good overall.
786 Rosewood & brass pad saw, no makers marks visible, very good overall.
787 Keen Kutter double bit axe that has the Keen Kutter name spelled out, a few spots of rust, good overall.
788 Unusual Millers Falls single bit camp axe, very good with original handle.
789 Plumb single bit axe that is both stamped with the Plumb name and has a partial paper label at the top, nice original handle.
790 Nice little COLLINS double bit axe, handle not original but very good. Small hang hole in end of handle.
791 Kelly Hand Made double bit axe, has been painted black by owner, good overall.
792 Stanley 4-SQUARE camp axe or hatchet, has some light pitting, good overall.
793 Rare HURD'S PERFECTION double bit axe with nice embossing by the American Axe And Tool Co. Glassport, Pennsylvania, some handle chipping, very good overall.
794 Very nice Plumb hatchet with original Plumb Hickory handle, fine overall.
795 Stanley #45 combination plow plane with script logo on skate, that has main frame, center section, fence, beading stop, long rods and the #5 nosing attachment with blade. The plane is missing the tab that holds the cutter screw captive, and there is a small chip from the side of the top handle spur, it will make a good user.
796 Winchester 14-inch screw-adjusting pipe wrench made for Winchester by Trimount, shows moderate wear, good overall.
797 Winchester W78 (same as Stanley #78, complete with fence, depth stop and Winchester blade, very good overall.
798 Winchester No. 1022 Stillson-type pipe wrench, very good overall.
799 Winchester #3041 handled transitional smooth plane (similar to Stanley #35) complete and very good.
800 Early Type 2? model with R&L-logo blade, solid adjuster nut, fine tote and beaded knob, very good overall.
801 Winchester #3040 transitional smooth plane, about 60 percent japanning on frame, nice Winchester logo on tote and blade, very good overall.
802 Winchester 8 1/2-in. lineman or electrician's pliers with side cutter, not marked with a number, very good.
803 Winchester #3061 1/4-inch dado plane, missing the blade and has two holes so a fence could be mounted, very good overall.
804 Winchester 6-inch lineman or electrician's pliers with side cutter, Winchester logo a bit faint, very good overall.
805 Winchester #3089 block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, very good overall.
806 Stanley #57 corebox plane with one set of risers, no cross bar or turnbuckle, very good overall.
807 Unusual Winchester October Special plier, very good.
808 Union No. 411 compass plane similar to Stanley #113, complete and very good.
809 Fine Winchester lathing hatchet with fine original WP401 handle.
810 This one has all three main sections, beading and depth stops, interesting clover-design in fence, one plow blade in plane and small wooden box with sliding lid with 9 more plow, one match and five bead blades, there is 70 percent plus nickel plating on the plane, very good overall.
811 Stanley-made Winchester W9 1/2 (same as Stanley #9 1/2) iron block plane, complete and in very good overall condition.
812 On left is a Stanley-made jack plane with tapered SANDUSKY TOOL CO. blade, it is complete and very good; and on right is a ROCKFORD T.M.P. R5 (Marsh) that is complete and fine.
813 Pair of Winchester #2109 gas pliers, complete and very good overall.
814 Stanley tool chest No. 888 tool chest with #3C plane, Everlast SW 1/4 and 1/2 chisels, two tool-box saws one with nice Atkins etching, and a Disston with rust; plus a try and miter square.
815 Small Winchester ball peen hammer with original? 6201 handle, Winchester logo a bit worn, very good overall.
816 Lakeside 4 1/2 wide body smooth plane, likely produced by Marsh or Rockford Tool Co. complete with Lakeside blade, very good overall.
817 Pair of Winchester #2139 10-inch fencing pliers with very good logo and in fine overall condition.
818 StS Siegley 9-inch iron smooth plane, no markings anywhere on bed or lever cap, complete and fine.
819 Two Winchester block planes: the one on the left is a Sargent-made plane that has a Winchester blade installed, adjustable throat, chip in rear or throat, no lateral lever, good overall; and a #3093 5-inch that is complete and good.
820 THE STANDARD RULE CO. No. 30, 22-inch razee-style transitional jointer plane, complete and very good.
821 Pair of Winchester 6-inch end cutters, logo a little worn, good overall.
822 Unknown make 18-inch corrugated fore plane with trademarked anvil logo on blade. This may have been made by the Modern Mfg. Co., complete and very good.
823 Stanley-made Winchester W130 double ended block plane, complete with original blade, very good overall.
824 Keen Kutter K19, 7-inch iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, complete with proper KK blade, very good overall.
825 One of the finest Winchester braces we have ever seen or sold, it has all the original nickel plating and very good wood.
826 Keen Kutter K18, 6-inch iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, complete with proper KK blade, very good overall.
827 Winchester #3076 cabinet scraper similar to a Stanley #81) has nice wooden sole, very nice unmarked blade, very good overall.
828 Scarce Keen Kutter (Stanley) K76 tongue and groove plane with swinging fence, two unmarked blades, very good overall.
829 Winchester No. 3533 ratchet brace, complete and very good overall; plus a Winchester No. 3522 ratchet brace, that has a welded repair to the frame below the top handle.
830 Keen Kutter bearing scraper with wooden handle, has Keen Kutter spelled out with little block & wedge logo.
831 Try and miter with 12-inch blade, handle bleached out, will clean to usable condition; 9-inch try square, very good; try and miter with 7-inch blade, good overall; and a 6-inch try and miter, very good.
832 Fine Keen Kutter KKR 44 razor also marked SIMMONS HDWE CO., INC. GERMANY.
833 Three Stanley #18 sliding bevels: 8-inch very good; 10-inch, very good; and another 8-inch that is good overall.
834 Keen Kutter 8-inch wooden smooth plane with saw-tooth logo on toe and on blade, good overall.
835 Four Stanley steel squares: #12EM with 8-inch blade, fine; #1 with 6-inch blade, fine; and both 7 & 8-inch that are in usable condition.
836 Pair of Keen Kutter iron block planes: on left is a KK120, it is complete and very good; and on right is a K220 with big nickel plated adjuster screw, complete and very good.
837 Stanley #63 & #64 iron spokeshaves, both are late models with BB-logo blades, both are fine.
838 Pair of Keen Kutter folding rules: Keen Kutter K680, 2-foot, 4-fold, with moderate wear, good overall; and a K360 6-inch 2-fold caliper rule, very good.
839 Stanley #55 hollow faced spokeshave with V-logo blade, complete and fine; plus a #51 with BB-logo blade, very good overall.
840 Rare Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool) K64 similar to Stanley #45 combination plow plane with fine nickel plating, Keen Kutter marked slitter, and 15 Keen Keen Kutter marked blade in original burnt orange felt roll that is tatty on one end, a fine plane that just needs to find a cam and a pasteboard box to complete.
841 Unusual Wood's Patent piggyback spokeshave with both flat and hollow faces, very good overall.
842 Keen Kutter KK9 1/2 iron block plane made by OHIO TOOL CO. complete and very good.
843 Gage No. 21, 24-inch transitional jointer plane, complete and very good.
844 Keen Kutter KK5 1/2 iron jack plane, complete and very good.
845 Gage 20-inch transitional fore plane, tote broken and glued, good knob very good blade, good overall.
846 Six wooden molding planes Ohio & Auburn; skewed rabbet; round (missing blade); nice center bead; another skewed rabbet; round; and a hollow.
847 O.V.B. Gage G7C iron jointer plane, tote spur MIA, right side pitted, good usable condition.
848 BALDWIN & CO. 7/8 tongue & groove planes, both are coated in urethane.
849 Gage G7 iron jointer plane, good rosewood knob, tote spur has been broken off and reattached, good usable condition.
850 Four near new AUBURN bead planes: narrow 1/8-inch No. 105 side bead; 3/16 No. 108 side bead; 3/8-inch No. 105 side bead with sliver of boxing peeled off in rear; and a 1/2-inch No. 108 center bead,
851 Gage G5 iron jack plane, fine rosewood tote and knob, very good overall.
852 Pair DR BARTON 8/8-inch handled tongue & groove planes, the tongue cutter is complete and very good; the grooving plow is missing both blade and wedge.
853 Gage G4 iron smooth plane, light pitting on otherwise good blade, tote and knob have heavy coat or varnish or something similar, very good overall.
854 Four DR BARTON wooden molding planes: twin iron 1 1/4-inch nosing plane; #16 hollow; #6 round; and a 7/8-inch ogee with owner added fence, very good.
855 Gage G4C iron smooth plane, nice rosewood tote and knob, very good overall.
856 Pair of Ohio Tool 1-inch handled tongue & groove planes, both complete and very good; and a 3/4-inch Ohio Tool dado, complete and very good.
857 Gage #4 1/2 wide transitional smooth plane, tote spur broken where screw from top plate goes thru, very good overall.
858 Four wooden planes incl. coffin shaped low angle; Ohio Tool side bead missing part of the boxing; Ohio Tool No. 37 that has been reworked; and a nice AUBURN TOOL CO 1/2-inch side bead.
859 Gage #4 transitional smooth plane, complete and very good overall.
860 Six wooden molding planes including Ohio 5/16-inch side bead, boxing has been reglued; AUBURN 1-inch tongue cutter; Auburn grooving plow; Ohio Tool 7/8-inch table joint plane; No. 105, 3/16-inch side bead; and Ohio 3/8-inch side bead.
861 Stanley BEDROCK #604 1/2C FT smooth plane, good BB-logo blade, nice rosewood tote and tall knob, BEDROCK single-line lever cap, complete and fine.
862 Unusual Steel framed butcher saw with 14-inch blade, faint makers mark struck in frame, nice wooden handle with three brass saw nuts, very good overall.
863 Stanley Bedrock #605 1/4 FT that has a crack all the way thru right side at throat, has initials of high school it belonged to on same side, tote broken and glued at base, good rosewood knob, frog was painted orange but much is worn off. Weld the crack for a good user or part it out.
864 Big Henry Disston & Son 28-inch 5 1/2-ppi rip saw, will clean to very good overall condition.
865 Stanley #605 1/2C BEDROCK FT wide jack plane with good rosewood tote and tall knob, nice STANLEY BED ROCK lever cap, frog has been broken and crudely welded, can be restored to usable condition.
866 FINE Henry Disston American Boy 20-in. panel saw with very good etch, little used, very good overall.
867 Stanley R&L CO. BEDROCK lever cap, Q-logo blade, very good overall.
868 Nice Disston K2 Keystone Speedsters saw, 26-in. 8ppi blade, very good etch, very good overall.
869 Stanley BEDROCK #608 FT iron jointer plane, complete and very good.
870 Unusual and early Tyzack Sons & Turner butcher saw, 16-inch blade, three split nuts securing the good handle, nice Elephant logo, very good overall.
871 Disston D8 24-in. 6ppi crosscut saw with brass plate below handle with JULY patent date, needs cleaning.
872 Massive 6-inch 2-iron cornice plane by Pete Callen Milwaukee, like new condition.
873 Four wooden Auburn Tool Co. planes: 8-inch coffin-shaped smooth plane, very good; 1 1/4-inch skewed rabbet missing nicker, good overall; 1/4-inch side bead, very good; and #16 hollow with partial blowout at mouth.
874 Millers Falls No. 22 iron jointer plane with tropical hardwood (rosewood or cocobolo) tote and knob, fine blade fine overall.
875 Pair of Sargent iron rabbet planes; #38 1-inch iron rabbet plane with intact depth stop, very good; and a rusty #79 similar to a Stanley #78, this one is missing the fence and depth stop, will clean to usable condition.
876 Millers Falls No. 22C BG iron jointer plane, complete and fine.
877 Sargent #409 smooth plane and #414 iron jack plane, both have Sargent name cast into lever cap.
878 Millers Falls No. 18 iron fore plane, a few small chips in paint, fine overall.
879 knuckle jointed lever cap, very good; #307 complete and very good; and a #217 that is complete and very good.
880 Millers Falls No. 67 iron router plane with throat closing attachment, with single V-shaped blade, fine overall.
881 Sargent #196 iron rabbet plane complete with depth stop and original blade, fine overall.
882 Pair of Millers Falls iron jack planes: #14 with pine handles, appears to be a late manufacture, complete and fine; and an earlier #14C that is complete and fine.
883 Sargent #1085 (similar to Stanley #55) missing the sliding section, but the main frame is intact, both fences are here and it is still a functional plow plane, and comes with canvas roll with one short rod and sash, match, bead, plow and complex blades.
884 Millers Falls #11-13 junior jack plane, same size as Stanley #5 1/4, this one is complete and fine.
885 Pair of Sargent scraper planes including a Sargent #53 (similar to Stanley #81) with wooden bottom, there is no blade, very good overall; and a #44 that is similar to a Stanley #12 1/2, blade is improper, very good overall.
886 Millers Falls No. 10 wide smooth plane, has number cast into bed behind frog, MILLERS FALLS name cast in bed around knob, some japanning loss in bed, good rosewood? tote and knob, will clean to very good overall.
887 Two Sargent #5205 planes: one with knob on body, very good overall; and one with knob on lever cap, very good.
888 Millers Falls No. 9 iron smooth plane, complete and very good.
889 Unusual Sargent #52 long handled scraper, edges of blade covered with masking tape, very good overall.
890 Millers Falls No. 85 rabbet & fillister plane, complete with fence and depth stop, fine overall.
891 Millers Falls Alford's patent hand vise, complete with bitstock attachment and others inside, complete and fine.
892 Millers Falls "Perfection" jointer gauge in original box, gauge is complete and fine, box is worn at edge but labels are legible and good.
893 Millers Falls No. 9C smooth plane, complete and fine. (just to right in photo with Buck Rogers)
894 Millers Falls No. 8 smooth plane, maple tote and knob, very good overall; and a #8C with tropical tote and knob, complete and fine overall.
895 Scarce Millers Falls No. 709 "Buck Rogers" smooth plane, complete and very good.
896 Millers Falls No. 97 breast drill, has handle that can be indexed into other positions, ratcheting, 3-jaw chuck, very good.
897 Scarce Millers Falls No. 07 rabbeting block plane, complete and fine overall.
898 Stanley #888 Assortment C? oak tool chest with drop down lid and removable tray, the leather handle is missing but the hardware to mount a new one is present, very good overall.
899 Stanley #33, 28-inch transitional jointer plane Type 11 with good Q-logo blade, complete and very good overall.
900 Disston No. 12 26-in. 8ppi crosscut saw, complete and very good.
901 Stanley #32, 26-inch transitional jointer plane Type 11, very good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
902 Millers Falls bullnose rabbet plane, complete and very good.
903 Two Stanley transitional bench planes: #29, faint Q-logo at top of lightly pitted blade, tote spur reshaped, good overall; and a Stanley BAILEY #28 with good Q-logo blade, complete and very good overall.
904 Stanley #85 tilting handle scraper plane, has good unmarked blade, fine rosewood tote and knob, very good japanning, fine overall.
906 Spiers Ayr rosewood stuffed infill smooth plane, closed tote is cracked thru and has a screw up thru the bottom to hold it together, good William Ash blade, several patches of moderate rust on bottom that will likely result in light pitting when removed, can be restored to usable condition.
907 On left is a Stanley BAILEY #26 with SW-logo blade, tote broken and glued at base, japanning has been enhanced, very good overall; and a Stanley #27 with good Q-logo blade, nice tote and knob, very good overall.
908 Stanley #72 razor shave, ears on cutter are fine, japanning is 60 percent plus, very good overall.
909 Three Stanley transitional bench planes: Stanley BAILEY #26 with BB-logo blade, complete and very good; and a Stanley BAILEY #35 handled smoother with fine V-logo iron, complete and fine; and a Stanley BAILEY #24 with good T-logo blade, complete and very good.
910 Stanley #144 3/8-in. corner rounding plane, complete and very good.
911 Absolutely gorgeous 24-inch Stratton Bros No.1 brass-bound mahogany plumb & level, complete and fine.
912 Stanley #10 carriage makers rabbet plane, nice T-logo blade, rosewood tote has been broken and glued, very good overall.
913 Helb Patent inclinometer or grade level Railroad, Penn. Patented Jan. 12, 1904, appears to be complete and in working condition, very good overall.
914 Stanley A6 aluminum fore plane, complete with nice rosewood tote and tall knob, BB-logo blade, plated lever cap, fine overall.
915 Scarce Ruger Patent No. 1010 ratchet brace, complete and very good. Mr. Ruger made tools prior to getting into the gun business. See an even scarcer drill by Ruger in lot #917.
916 Stanley A5 aluminum jack plane, fine BB-logo blade, fine rosewood tote and knob, fine overall.
917 RARE ruger hand drill, in very good overall condition.
918 Stanley #A4 aluminum smooth plane, nice BB-logo blade, good rosewood tote and knob (the color of the wood does not match as the knob is darker than the tote), a little loss of plating from the lever cap, very good.
919 New Lie-Nielsen 4 1/2 smooth plane in original box with original wrapping, new condition; plus a HIGH ANGLE FROG for the 4 1/2 in its original box, both were bought and never used.
920 Stanley A18 aluminum block plane, complete and very good overall.
921 Stanley VICTOR #20 compass plane, nice V-logo blade, nice nickel plating, very good overall.
922 Three wooden planes: Sandusky #37 toothing, complete and fine; GOLDENBERG ACIER FONDU smoother with one cracked ear, nice blade, very good overall; and a 6-inch smoother with PEUGEOT PRERES smoother with Man-in-the-moon logo, blade needs new grind and sharpening.
923 D. Malloch Perth, compassed smooth plane with factory steel sole plate held by 13 screws, fine overall.
924 Heavy 8-inch rosewood? smooth plane made of rosewood or perhaps something more exotic, has a few small chips in rear of throat, Marples iron, very good overall.
925 Nice woodworking work bench 69 X 14.5-inch with face and tail vises, lockable cubby and three sliding drawers in the trestle, does not appear to have been used for woodworking. It was piled high will levels and planes when we uncovered it in Burton's basement.
926 Bottle of Lie-Nielsen Camellia Oil, used to prevent rust from developing on metal.
927 Nice wooden "woman's tooth" router plane, appears to be made of mahogany, has a few holes in the bottom, good overall.
928 Scarce BEDROCK 602C FT smooth plane, nice rosewood tote and tall knob, fine V-logo blade, BEDROCK lever cap, has small bit of red nail polish on left side and bottom from a spill in the cabinet (he was using red nail polish to highlight Winchester logo), by far, the hardest of the Bedrock series to find, with light cleaning, this plane will be fine
929 Jn BISHOP STEWART wedge-arm fillister plane, has brass-tipped arms, one of the wedges is broken on one end, very good overall.
930 Stanley #850 wall mounting tool cabinet full of Stanley tools including bit and square level, and other pieces, there is a key working
931 Pair of fine complex molding planes: the one on the left is unmarked except for a faint 7/8 on the heel, it is complete and very good; the one on the right is marked R. CARTER TROY, it too is complete and fine.
932 Stanley BEDROCK 604 1/2 FT smooth plane, good SW-logo blade, BEDROCK lever cap, fine rosewood tote and tall knob, very good overall.
933 Two molding planes incl. J. BRADFORD PORTLAND 1 5/8-inch nosing plane, very good; and a MATHIESON & SON 1-inch side bead, very good overall.
934 Lie-Nielsen L-N 9 iron miter plane, new in box, still has price tag hanging from lever of lever cap, and all the original paperwork in the box, new condition.
935 Two hatchets: a small, unmarked lathing hatchet, and a PLUMB BOY SCOUT with the scout insignia, both good.
936 Lot of four hammers including a non-sparking ball peen; TRUE TEMPER VULCAN ball peen, and a riveting? hammer.
937 Kelly Flint Edge hatchet with nail claw, nice embossing, very good overall.
938 Nice Keen Kutter broad hatchet with the block & wedge logo, very good overall.
939 Three hammers: RIVERSIDE TOOL CO. with anvil logo claw hammer, very good; Stanley CHRO-MOLY claw hammer with electric tape on handle; and a Cheney nail-holding hammer head, that needs a handle.
940 Two brass hammers including a body hammer; and a MOUNT tack hammer, very good.
941 Two hammers; the one on top is a farrier's for horseshoeing; and the bottom is a C. HAMMOND cobbler's hammer.
942 Two metalworking bumping hammers the larger one with PS&W CLEVELAND stamp on side of head.
943 Three wooden jointer planes: 27-inch unmarked with slightly offset closed tote, no blade, wedge needs to be filed down to fit better; 28-inch New York Tool Co. with nice AUBURN TOOL CO. blade, complete and very good; and a 28-inch with faint COLUMBUS OHIO makers mark, closed tote, top of blade notched at corners, will make good user.
944 Three transitional jointer planes: 26-inch Fulton with FULTON TOOL CO. blade, good overall; 24-inch UNION No. 31, has a few paint splatters and an off-center hang hole in rear of stock; and a 26-inch Stanley #132 Liberty Bell with a broken tote, can be restored to very good overall.
945 Sargent #3424 transitional jointer plane, scuffed but intact handles, very good overall, has an iron jointer gage or fence installed on the left side, very good overall.
946 Two Stanley "Liberty Bell" bench planes: #129, 20-inch fore plane, blade has early circular logo with patent dates, tote spur reshaped, very good overall; and #127 with Q-logo blade, tote broken and glued, very good overall.
947 Three wooden coopers' tools: wooden hoop driver with steel ring at top and steel plates riveted at bottom, very nice; an unmarked coopers croze plane; and an L&I.J. WHITE sun plane with faint mark on top of body, very good overall.
948 Auburn Tool Co. screw-arm plow plane with five OHIO TOOL CO. irons or blades, very good overall
949 Sandusky #240 coopers sun plane, complete and fine overall.
950 Disston D-8 20-inch 10ppi panel saw, good etch, fine handle, fine overall.
951 951. Scandinavian flooring plane with fore and aft handles, blade marked W. HALL 2685, very good overall.
952 Henry Disston Philadelphia 18-inch panel saw, has unusual HENRY DISSTON & SON PHILADELPHIA with a line of what looks like three words of Latin above it, very good overall.
953 Nice spill plane with set of feet to hold it up, appears to be mahogany, very good overall.
954 Sheffield Saw Works SEA SAW 20-in. panel saw with etch of sailboats, good overall.
955 Nice 5-in. wooden smoother, has thin laminated sole, very good overall.
956 Disston & Sons 20-inch panel saw, faint Disston Keystone etch, very good overall.
957 SIMONDS 60-inch 1 or 2-man crosscut saw, fine main and auxiliary handles, has near perfect etch, partially dried grease or cosmoline with wax paper sticking to it, will need a bath in mineral spirits to get the paper and grease off, fine.
958 Unusual block knife, just staple it to a block of wood and clean off a bit of rust and you'll be good to go.
959 Pair of raft dogs used in building the log rafts that used to be floated downstream to mills.
960 Disston 1 or 2-man crosscut saw, NOS? Has partially dried grease or cosmoline with wax paper sticking to it, will need a bath in mineral spirits to get the paper and grease off, fine.
961 Nice long handled barking spud with wooden handle, very good.
962 Nice 36-inch crosscut saws plus a 60-in. extra-thick blade only for ice or up-and-down sawmill, the 36-inch saw is very good; plus two handles.
963 Two-man crosscut saw with 72-inch, very good; plus two spare 66-inch blades.
964 L&IJ White beer keg chamfer knife, some minor rust, fine overall.
965 Nice froe blade plus good felling wedge, very good overall.
966 Pair of hand saws: Disston D-8 with 26-inch 8ppi blade, nice etch, fine overall; and an Atkins #50? 26-inch 6ppi crosscut saw, faint etch, very good overall.
967 Two 66-inch crosscut saws, both with handles and both needing to be cleaned.
968 Unmarked cast iron saw vise that clamps to a bench, very good overall.
969 Left handed side axe, very good; has faint makerís mark
970 Universal Tool International Steel Co. fence stretcher, complete and very good.
971 Nice long handled ice chisel 58-inches long overall, very good overall.
972 Nice E.C. Atkins ramís horn scraper, very good.
973 Unusual continental 1 1/4-in. rabbet plane, stock is 10 1/2-inches long and 4 1/4-inches tall, fine overall.
974 Ohio Tool Co. #30 toothing plane, has some staining on bottom, but is very good overall.
975 Fine pair of complex molding planes: Auburn, Chapin Two fine complex profile wooden molding planes: on left is an AUBURN TOOL CO. No. 140 marked 3/4 on heel, visible spring lines, very good; and a Union Factory H. Chapin marked No. 128 on heel along with 1 1/4; both fine.
976 Small Keen Kutter linoleum knife with sheath. Has Keen Kutter etched on blade, very good. Could be a fake piece as the logo does not look right.
977 Simmons HDW CO. FAST MAIL hatchet, complete with what appears to be the original handle, fine overall.
978 Large and fake KEEN KUTTER broad axe head, itís rusty, but Iím reasonably sure it was never made for Simmons or Shapleigh Hardware, but was made by some beady-eyed little bastard in China.
979 Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool) No. 35 transitional smooth plane, base of knob chipped, good blade, good tote, very good overall.
980 Unusual Keen Kutter camp hatchet with Keen Kutter leather sheath (stamped in outside face) that is lined inside with tin or aluminum and can be worn on a belt, the snap closure is intact and has the block and wedge logo, hatchet has been expertly rehandled, very good overall.
981 Scarce Keen Kutter K78 rabbet and fillister plane, complete with fence and depth stop, very good overall.
982 Keen Kutter 8-inch wooden smooth plane with distinctive black knob, good KK blade, has checking at toe but can still see the KK logo stamped into toe, very good overall.
983 Keen Kutter K4 1/2C wide smooth plane, fine rosewood tote and knob, good proper blade, fine overall.
984 Keen Kutter No. 23 transitional smooth plane, lever cap is from an iron bench plane but fits this one, complete and fine.
985 Disston D-7 26-in. 8ppi crosscut saw, fine handle, nice etch, fine overall.
986 Keen Kutter No. 88 28-in. 5 1/2ppi rip saw, nice etch, scuffed but intact handle, very good overall.
987 Pair of Keen Kutter hand saws: 26-in. 9ppi bladed crosscut with faint etch, good handle, very good overall; and a 26-in. with 11ppi blade, faint etch, very good overall.
988 Pair of Disston saws: 28-in. 5 1/2ppi rip with thumb hole handle, a few paint splatters, faint etch, very good overall; and a 26-inch 8ppi crosscut PACEMAKER with etch of two runners, faint etch, very good overall.
989 Unknown 16-inch Disston saw sunken medallion, fine handle, etch has the smallest keystone logo we can recall seeing, some light rust, will clean to fine overall.
990 Five antique tool collecting books: Town-Country OLD TOOLS; Collecting Antique Tools by Herbert Keen & Emil Pollak; A Price Guide to Antique tools by Herbert Keen & Emil Pollak; Antique Trader TOOLS PRICE GUIDE by Kyle Husfloen & Clarence Blanchard; and Antique Tools Our American Heritage by Kathryn McNerney.
991 The Wooden Plane book by John M. Whelan, complete and fine.
992 Dictionary of American Hand Tools A Pictorial Synopsis by Alvin Sellens. It is our opinion that this is one of the most useful books in the old tool arsenal, this one is complete and fine.
993 Two tool books incl. The Hand Plane Book by Garrett Hack, complete and fine; and 1999 Edition of The Catalogue of Antique Tool by Martin J. Donnelly
994 Pair of boring tool books by Pearson & Price: The American Patented Brace 1829-1927 An Illustrated Directory of Patents by the late Ronald W. Pearson, D.O., very good; and A Sourcebook of United States Patents For Bitstock Tools and the Machines that Made Them by James E. Price, very good.
995 The Art of Fine Tools coffee-table book of drool-worthy tools by Sandor Nagyszalanczy, fine.
996 Dictionary of Woodworking Tools Revised Edition by R.A. Salaman, complete and fine. Another must-have for both the budding and veteran collector.
997 Three tool books: Hand Tools Their Ways & Workings by Aldren A. Watson, very good; A Museum of Early American Tools by Eric Sloane, paperback, very good; and Ancient Carpenters' Tools by Henry C. Mercer, fine.
998 Antique & Collectible STANLEY TOOLS big book by John Walter, this one is near new, but was sitting face up on a bench where the sun hit it and the color in the cover is faded, inside is fine.
999 Two Axe books: American Axes by Henry J Kauffman, very good; and Broad Axes by James Douglas Gamble.
1000 Two axe books: RARE American Embossed Axes by Jerome T. Grismer & Clyde H. Kendrick, very good; and Axes & Chainsaws Use and Maintenance Garden Way Bulletin A-13, very good.