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Southwest Tool Collectors to Have a Combined Meeting with Wrench Collectors this Fall in Central Kansas
(submitted by Emery Goad and Don Haury - Sept. 2014)

The Missouri Valley Wrench Club's Fall Meet will be in El Dorado, KS on October 24th. The Southwest Tool Club members will be invited to attend and simultaneously have a Fall Meet. See the events page for more details.

The Wrenching News is also having an antique tool auction October 24th at 12:30 P.M (shortly after the wrench meet ends) and continuing at 8:30 A.M. Saturday, October 25th.

The auction features the barb wire tools and remainder of the wrenches from the King Herrington Estate of Aurora, Colorado plus wrenches and other antique tools, etc. from three other Missouri Valley Wrench Club members.

Featured wrench would have to be the John Deere TR590 cutout wrench. A previously unknown example that had been found in North Dakota forty years ago by bottle collectors while searching an old dump for bottles. The owner hadn't realized it's value till recently. Also included are a rare double hammer head A196 Deere cutout and a John Bull cutout wrench.

Beside the large selection of fencing tools this large auction (with1039 listed lots and over 2500 items) includes wrenches from all the categories of collectible wrenches including farm, cutout, auto (including several hand powered valve grinders and valve lifters), bicycle and pocket wrenches, brass and non-sparking tools, Indian Motocycle wrenches, hardware company tools (including Winchester and Keen Kutter) and many fencing tools. Auction is especially strong in combination tools (there are more combination tools in this auction than any of the previous Wrenching News auctions) and oddball plier tools. Also quite a few rare hammers, hatchets, and hammer and hatchet combination tools, a few woodworking tools (including a collection of ratchet drills) and a few kitchen and household antiques. See the events page for more details.

The auction catalog is on line at Fall 2014 Wrenching News Wrench Auction Catalog - Click Here

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Southwest Tool Collectors Meet in Kansas (submitted by Emery Goad) (Posted May 24, 2014) 
The Southwest Tool Club had a Tool Meet on May 10 at the rural home of Clint Litsey near Newton, Kansas, north of Wichita. There were 45 in attendance including members from Missouri and Oklahoma. There were over 25 tables of tools. It was free to everyone with tables and lunch provided. “The Kansas Tool Meet” was a meet started by Alvin Sellens in the 1980’s, but discontinued long ago. Mr. Sellens, of Augusta, Kansas, the author of many books on antique tools was in attendance. Special invited guests at the Meet were members of the Wichita area Woodworker’s Guild.

Important Announcement from Area Director Jim Goodson: (Posted Dec, 2013)

SWTCA Yukon Oklahoma Revival



Preliminary membership notice:

Announcing the upcoming 2014 Yukon Oklahoma

SWTCA Bi-Annual Meeting

Saturday January 11th 2014


A specially planned SWTCA biannual meeting has been planned out with the distinct intention of revitalizing one of the finest tool collecting fraternities ever to exist. The history of the SWTCA rates high in the collective memory of each of its long-time members. The memories of past friends and magnificent meetings lingers on and though today is a different day and time, the enjoyment of our tool collecting efforts still remain highly dependent on the sharing of knowledge and good times with our fellow collectors.


The SWTCA has suffered from anemia over the past few years among other similar collector organizations. The concept of ‘traveling the distance’ becomes less and less an acceptable alternative for attendance of these events. This is truly sad as any long time collector will quickly agree that so much of the enjoyment of collecting is the personal interaction between members that takes place at these events.


Soon to follow (mid-December), will be a registration form laying the groundwork for this very special meeting. Just a few of the highlights will be: Registration, trading tables, display tables and hospitality goodies will be free of charge. YES it will be a free meeting once you arrive. It will be open to the public most of the day. Pizza and refreshments will be served in the meeting room after the show closes for the enjoyment of and interaction of all members. This will take place without charge and will last at least several hours on in to the evening.


SWTCA officers (some past and present) gathered together for the express purpose of establishing a special meeting for our members that would entice them to extend in faith, the effort to support this historic club once again. The venue decided upon would be an old fashioned meeting with an extended hospitality gathering to follow. A pizza party was the most popular suggestion so it will carry. All meeting expenses would be paid by the club (excepting room costs of course).


YOUR PART: ‘Please’ is a powerful word! We are contacting all members of the SWTCA (ALL) members and many ex members as well with this preliminary notice. We will follow up with a registration form shortly thereafter giving full details concerning this meeting. We are calling many of our personally known members/dealers and asking that they go the extra mile and attend this meeting with especially desirable tools for sale. Bring your favorite tool exhibits for display and as many good tools to sell as you are able. Show your dedication for this club in its greatest time of need and plan to partake of the special festivities.


WE ASK each of you members to please help us in revitalizing our club by attending this specially planned meeting, enjoying the benefits of a cost free venue and participating in those special moments only extended hospitality can create. This club is an opportunity as well as a gift. Let’s treat it with the respect and devotion it deserves. Let’s all be there with open heart.

James Goodson

New editor and webmaster for the SWTCA Website.   (Posted July 21, 2009)

Paul Coppinger has retired as the SWTCA webmaster and Mike Urness and Don 'Bus' Haury have volunteered for the job. Bus will be at he helm as webmaster and Mike Urness will be taking on the task of managing editor. If you have any content such as articles, personal storeies, memorials, obituaries, tool shows or auctions dates you want posted on the website contact Mike at Email or at Email. If you have technical problems with the site or suggestions on how to make it better, send those to Bus at Email or phone 316-284-7345.

Tom Lamond's new website Yesteryears Tools   (Posted July 21, 2007)

Tom Lamond author of an excellent book on spokeshaves: "Manufactured and Patented Spokeshaves & Similar Tools" and the nation's preeminent scholar and authority on toolmakers and hardware jobbers and their marks found on early American tools has started an internet magazine concentrating on hand tools, their makers, and their markings. Research on the web site focuses on edge-tool makers with an emphasis on axes and spokeshaves Including an extensive list of spokeshave patents.

Tribute to Judy Walcott (Wife of John Walcott) (Posted Dec, 2006)

Many SWTCA members remember the beautiful machinist boxes, coco bolo scratch awls, marking gauges and other tools that were made by John Walcott. John generously donated numerous hand crafted tools to be given out as door prizes at SWTCA meetings over the years. Our heart go out to John on loss of his dear wife Judy. Tribute written by John in a .pdf document HERE

Larry Williams article from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Posted Dec 2006)

Larry Williams (of Clark & Williams) Eureka Springs, Arkansas makes his living re-creating the past. He makes traditional-style hand woodworking plane. Clark and Williams have demonstrated the craft of plane making at countless SWTCA & MWTCA events over the years. The complete article in a .pdf document is HERE

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